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Oh its me . It was  taken last valentines day. Well, i never imagine myself wearing a dress until that day came and….. boooommm.. there it is . ^^

Oh its me . It was  taken last valentines day. Well, i never imagine myself wearing a dress until that day came and….. boooommm.. there it is . ^^

Late dinner.

Late dinner.

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First Listen: Hoodie Allen - “Make It Home” feat. Kina Grannis (Studio Version)

This could very well be the one.

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I used to think that to become free you had to practice like a samurai warrior, but now I understand that you have to practice like a devoted mother of a newborn child. It takes the same energy but has a completely different quality. It’s compassion and presence rather than having to defeat the enemy in battle. Jack Kornfield (Tricycle Daily Dharma)
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If you woke up breathing, congratulations! You have another chance. Andrea Boydston  (via wethinkwedream)

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Amazing that we spend so much time propping up these straw men called egos, then look for ways for them to be offended so we can rush to their fragile defense and divide everything & everyone into categories of friend or foe. Enough already…

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Behind the Medic: Refill ‘er up.


If you’re contacting my Urgent Care for a refill on a medication I once prescribed to you, chances are that I’m going to deny it. After all, I’m not your primary-care doctor, and you shouldn’t be managing chronic/unresolving issues through the Urgent Care.

But my reaction to your refill request will vary, depending on how long you waited to ask for it… (WARNING: LOTS OF GIFS AHEAD)

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Love is not a because, it’s a no matter what. Jodi Picoult, Second Glance (via aretepraxis)


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This year, Mrs. Cranquis and I celebrate 10 years of fantastic marriage. When my musical buddies over at The Really Good Pot Roast asked me to submit some lyrics for them to set to music, I decided I wood go back to my roots and write a love poem for my wife (like I used to do so often back in our relationship’s early days). Here’s what the RGPR built out of it. So, I hope you’ll pardon this blog for branching out, leafing behind the more poplar medical topics, and turning sappy for just a moment.

I love you, Mrs. Cranquis.

(v1.) What if we

Sat in a tree

And watched the world below?

And what if I

Then looked in your eye

And said, “We’re dating now, you know?”

Well we did, and I did,

You and me in a tree.

And now my love,

It’s our anniversary!

(v2.) Then what if we

Sat in that tree

And I offered you a ring?

And what if you

Said, “I do”

And made my heartbeat sing?

Well I did, and you did,

Me and you in that tree.

And now my love,

It’s our anniversary!

(v3.) So what if we

Go back to that tree,

And take our child along?

Will he believe,

That among the leaves,

That this is where our song…


Well we will, and he will

Just us three in our tree,

Someday, my love,

On another anniversary.